Are you using ClearCase but need to move faster?

sisyphus2 150x150 Are you using ClearCase but need to move faster?Your company has made a serious financial investment in ClearCase, and you have now decided to embrace an Agile development methodology. You have teams of developers using the software daily. You have built your software development process around all of the ClearCase issues, nuances, quirks, and complexities. You have hired a team of administrators for the sole purpose of customizing ClearCase to meet your needs and for keeping your ClearCase implementation rolling along.

So why then do you still find your development process is falling short? Why are you struggling with meeting your Agile objectives? Why are you still missing release deadlines? Why are your developers often sitting idle while broken builds, merge issues, and unresolved build conflicts are being chased down by your release engineers, who by the way, should be spending their time building and testing releases rather than dealing with ClearCase issues?

Do you often feel like the mythological figure King Sisyphus, who was punished by Zeus, and made to roll a huge boulder up a steep hill. Each time, before he could reach the top, however, the boulder would always roll back down to the bottom, forcing him to start all over again.

If you are using ClearCase to manage your software development process, you have condemned your company to the same fate as King Sisyphus. No matter how hard you work, no matter how many times you push your company forward, you find yourself constantly starting over.

The processes, practices, and overall approach of ClearCase puts your company’s longevity at risk. ClearCase is not flexible, and not adaptable to frequent, and in most cases, drastic business environment changes and demands. Today, successful companies are those who adapt to environmental threats challenging their bottom line; competition, customer demands, outsourcing, ever changing mobile and cloud technology. Companies must evolve their software development process. Adaptations must be made, and done so quickly. The people must drive the development process, the tools must go along with that direction. ClearCase forces the people to adapt to the tool. This practice and behavior is counter intuitive.

There are some key concepts which we must hold true:

Developers write code – They are the CREATORS

Release Engineers build releases – They are the CONSTRUCTORS

QA tests the creation – They are the VALIDATORS

Customers put the creation to use – They are the USERS

ClearCase forces companies to blur the lines between these concepts and throws the software development process off balance and out of sync. Developers end up performing release and build specific tasks or managing branching and merging. Release engineers find themselves customizing, managing and fixing developer tools. QA resources are just flat out frustrated because things are so messed up they are not getting kits for testing. Customers – well they are the ones left in the dark, waiting for features and releases that were promised months ago but for which there is no release date in sight!

AccuRev helps companies emerge from the dark ages of software development and restore balance within the software development process. Stop torturing yourself by constantly starting over. Contact us to hear about companies who have successfully moved off of ClearCase and evolved their software development process.

Make the change to AccuRev and Experience a Better Way to Do Software Development!

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