Q&A from “A First Look at Kando,” AccuRev’s Seamless Git Integration

We held a “First Look at Kando” webinar on Tuesday to mark the launch of our back-end platform for security and compliance with Git. Unfortunately we weren’t able to answer all of the questions in the allotted time, so here are answers for some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q: Can a developer use Git without an AccuRev workspace?

A: Absolutely. With Kando, the developer does not require an AccuRev workspace. Kando uses a native git repository, so developers can use Git with no modifications – it works seamlessly with AccuRev on the backend. It’s all native Git-to-Git.

Q: Is the Git repository limited to a single AccuRev stream, or can it follow most or all of the AccuRev depot?

A: The Git repository is not limited to a single AccuRev stream, it is completely configurable. When you create a repository, by default, it’s going to ask you to map the master branch in that Git repository to a stream in AccuRev, but you can set up multiple mappings. You could map 100s of branches to streams if you wanted to.

Q: Let’s say I’m an integration manager for a project. Can I create a Git repo using Kando, Git clone it on my system, and let other users clone from me?

A: You can certainly use that model if that’s how you’re most comfortable, where you clone from the bare Git repository associated with AccuRev, and then other people can clone from you. There’s nothing to preclude that from happening because it’s normal Git-to-Git. Another possible solution would be to have all of your developers push and pull from the Kando repository, then you could merge those changes up to the QA or Master branch using AccuRev or Git if you prefer. Kando supports both models.

Q: What about integration with code review tools (like Gerrit).  We actually use Gerrit as the centralized control for our Git repositories

A: If you are connecting Git to anything, whether it be Gerrit, GitHub, an open source library, etc., everything will work. Because Kando is reliant on Git working natively, you can connect to Gerrit or any other tool that integrates with Git. You can push and pull from Gerrit and GitHub as normal. When you push to the remote that is associated with Kando, which is connected with AccuRev, those changes end up in AccuRev in the stream that you’ve mapped to the Git repository’s branches.

Q: How do you handle bugs in Kando itself? Is there support?

A: Kando is an officially supported AccuRev product. If there are defects in Kando, they’ll be handled through our support and services organization the same as they would with AccuRev. Kando is developed using an Agile development methodology, so as we get feedback on defects and enhancement requests, we will turn around fixes and enhancements as quickly as possible.

Still have questions? Ask below, visit for more information, or check out the Kando video.

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