Editor Learning Curves

The importance of software tools can never be understated. For a developer, choosing the right text editor is a very important choice. Do you use notepad? pico? ed? nano? emacs? vim?

If you’re looking to swap editors or looking for an upgrade, maybe this picture can help. It’s one of my favorites.

Editor Learning Curves
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If these don’t suit your need, maybe you should try editing source code with butterflies.

Editors for Real Programmers
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/happy editing/ – dave

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  1. cbarnes199 April 24, 2008

    For Windows based developers who use Notepad I suggest upgrading to NotePad2 ( it is just as light weight and has some basic IDE syntax checking features as well as my favorite: line numbers. No more counting lines!

  2. davidpthomas April 28, 2008

    Great suggestion Chris! I’d also recommend (to others) trying ViM for Windows (gvim.exe). While there may be a slight learning curve for folks new the the vi-mentality (command-mode vs. edit-mode), the effort up front is well worth it. Not only can you get language-specific syntax highlighting, line numbers, and multiple undo-buffers (@damon!) but you also have access to an entire community of user contributed plugins such as…(drum roll)… the vim integration for accurev at Ok, so maybe this is a shameless plug for my own contributed plugin. Though, I do believe we should all choose editors and tools that fit not only our experience but also our personality. That being said, if you haven’t tried ViM, I challenge you to ;)

  3. Chris Jones November 9, 2011

    Wouldn’t it be fair to add that while it only takes the average user ten minutes to master Notepad, it takes about eleven minutes and twenty seconds to learn the equivalent (lack of) functionality in vi?

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