AccuRev 4.6 preview nuggets

As we head into Thanksgiving here in the United States, one of the things AccuRev customers have to look forward to on the other side is the upcoming 4.6 release. I thought this might be a good time to start giving some preview tidbits of 4.6 core functionality that would be of interest.

As you already know, the AccuRev StreamBrowser gives you a complete visual representation of how code is flowing through your system, not to mention dymanic control of the development process. And the “shamrock”, or default group icon, lets you know specifically what elements have been worked on at each stage. Well, with 4.6 you will now be able to see work in progress at the Issue level instead of just the file level:

4.6 preview default group by issue

This top-level visibility into what Issues have progressed to what areas of your development process further abstracts the team from needing to worry about individual elements, and instead they can concentrate on the bigger picture: “Am I going to get this release out in time?” Or “Do I not have enough of my core features past the QA gate yet?”

You can also still show the default group by file, and additionally you can view by transaction as well. Ponder this while fighting off Tryptophan induced sleep. Many of you asked for this feature and I look forward to learning how you will make use of it.

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